Be Prepared.. It is Coming… INTERNATIONAL SUIT UP DAY

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If you like nothing better than wearing a good suit, but perhaps don’t often have occasion to do so, what better excuse have you to suit up than on Suit Up International Day? Held on October 13th each year Suit Up International Day was devised by a group of How I Met Your Mother Fans in honour of the show’s Barney Stinson, famous for his love of suits and the phrase “suit up”.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are going on 13th October, make sure you wear a suit. If you sadly don’t already own a suit, now is an ideal time to buy one, but don’t worry, it would still be very fitting to buy one on Suit Up International Day. This year it falls on a Saturday, so some of us will be lucky enough not to be in work. However, if you’re still working that day, make the effort and wear a suit. This comes naturally to some people and might already be the expected norm, but if you don’t already suit up for work, just see what a change doing so makes to your working day. Suiting up for work helps you dress for success – not only do you appear smart, but more confident and that you mean business – all elements that will help you get to where you want to go with your career. School might be out on Saturday, but if you’re going out with friends could you wear your suit to visit the mall or grab a bite to eat? Perhaps even try wearing your suit somewhere more unusual, such as to the park – though just watch the mud – or as a spectator at the football game. You might get a few surprised glances, but you’re bound to impress your friends with your appearance and you’ll be a hit with the girls after all the effort you’ve made.

Suits aren’t just for the day time; they’re an essential fashion item for the evening and no more so than on Suit Up International Day. Whether you’re headed for a house party, a few drinks with friends, dinner with your girlfriend or a wild night out, suiting up helps you make the most of every occasion. Wearing a suit out with your friends helps you to look sharp and stylish and on the dance floor can really help to draw attention to yourself; a real draw if you want to attract the ladies. However, if you’re already happily settled, suiting up for a night out together can make it an even more special event when you both take the time to look your best for each other. You might surprise yourself so much about how you enjoy wearing a suit for a night out that it makes a more regular appearance.

Although you might want to adjust the style of suit you choose to wear depending on where you are going and who you are with, the beauty of suits is that they will always reflect your own personal sense of style. Particularly make use of shirts, ties, belts and cufflinks to customise your look. Two men can wear the same suit, but how they choose to accessorize themselves can really change the image of themselves that they convey.

Hopefully by the time it comes around you will already be spreading the word to your friends and family about Suit Up International Day, so they will know what is expected of them – to suit up and have some fun! However, if you see someone who isn’t wearing a suit on that day, it’s your job to encourage them to suit up; get working on your powers of persuasion.


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